Vermicomposting (part two)

So here’s the rest of the marvelous story of Vermicomposting…. 🙂


As you can see from the pictures, I first had a sheet of plastic spread out, (on our pool’s front deck, by the way)

And I over turned the whole glorious hill of compost in the middle of that, and with a shovel—or your hand, as I preferred (to my surprise!!)—tore it apart into little mountains all over the vapor barrier!!

What this does is that, as the sun light chases all the healthy creepy crawlies down to the center of each pile, it really is making the job of separation a whole lot easier!! When you take away the wormless top parts of the mini hills, you’re essentially having fun while completing the drudgery of pulling each worm out of the giant pile. (And just a side note. This doesn’t stink. Or maybe my nose isn’t sensitive enough… which might have been a good thing.)

Tiny mountains of compost, ready for the separation!!

(This method is from the Worms eat my garbage book, mentioned above. That book rocks!!)

And then-after the whole separation thingy is over—I prep the bedding all over again—like I did three months ago, and throw the ‘naked” worms in!!

And the whole, tri-month log process… begins… again. And again. And again. You get the idea.

That’ll be a ‘complete’ cycle of what I do…except that one long, cold winter, all my worms died, frozen stiff. I didn’t know any better than just leaving it in the chicken coop, hoping the hens would be able to help warm the poor thin Reddies, but… obviously, that didn’t work. So I went down on my hands and knees, looking through the most recent batch of compost that I’ve put up in plastic bags, praying (yes, I really prayed!!) that I could find a decent amount of small worms (from the eggs left in the compost that I hadn’t been able to pick out) so that I could start all over again. That last bunch of worms had cost 30 bucks!! I wasn’t about to give up. Thankfully, god listened to my prayers, and I was able to start over.

*fast forward 1 year*

Last winter, I had begged my mother to let me keep my buddies with me in the house—no easy matter to settle, as bugs(not only worms) were in the box, all working together to break down the garbage I placed in mercilessly. Like the patient, loving, and helping woman she is, she allowed them inside ‘but only in the corner of the basement, and only as long as the winter lasts!!’

Thanks to that improvement, my babies survived, and have been working extremely hard ever since!!

(I just ran through another ‘harvest’ yesterday—first time after the long winter—and, oh my, there was a lot of eggs!! New lime-green ones to ripening burgundy! It was totally fantastic!! I might try to snap a picture of the eggs—and a baby or two-I love them sooo much!!…. But we’ll see. Google has quite a few nice pics too, I think. But real life is always better than digital. 🙂

That’s about it! Vermicomposting is a fun, rewarding, and all around healthy, productive hobby that makes junk disappear and marvelous compost appear!!

I hope these posts has been helpful and informative—if you have any questions or comments, remember to leave me a note below, and I’ll be more than happy to help you!! It is really a nice, ongoing, fulfilling project!!(Have I said that enough times already?!!)

God bless!!

(Here’s a video… if you wanna watch the squiggly worms…)


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  1. Odelia, thank you for inspiring my boys to start vermicomposting. They are currently taking a Bug Science course on Homeschool Teachers website and the course will end with them doing vermicomposting. Like you, they love these creepy crawlies. Hopefully they will get the vermicomposting executed by the end of the course.

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