From Darkness to Light (part 1)

The dazzling sunlight blinded him. For ten years he had been kept in the manor’s foulest dungeon, left there to die. To die from starvation. To die from solitude. Left alone…

But now he was free again. Free to walk as a human being. Free to breathe the clear, sweet air again. Free again…

For a moment he stood still. Silent. His benumbed mind slowly grasped the fact that he was free to run. Away from misery. From torture. From pain. He crawled along the forsaken garden path, pausing often to catch a shuddering breath. There, beyond the well-known wicket gate, was wide open space. In which no man shall treat him like a beast again.

‘I was wrongly judged- thrown into prison because my mistress was prejudiced against me. There was no wrong—no proof of any wrong—that I had done. She lied. And the baron—thoughtless man that he was—listened to her, and threw me into that hole. And now, only after they had deceased, could I have escaped.’

With these bitter musings he passed the gate: then, painfully standing up to his full height, he looked back on the only home he ever had. With something akin to tears, he turned and walked into the rising sun. He must start a new life.

He had no name. He never knew who his parents were. The aged baron, the kind lord preceding the thoughtless young man,  had picked him up off the streets as a young child, and treated him as a servant lad.  So he had grown up, with nothing to call his own, save a pile of rags and a gold ring, which had been tied to his neck as long as he could remember. His instincts told him to hide that ringlet of gold form other human eyes: and so only he knew of its existence.

He had worked for the old baron and also for his son, who had treated him harshly and finally kicked him out of sight.  Now the Young Baron and Baroness had passed away…

He touched his chin. He could feel quite a growth of beard. Ten years does make a difference.

Looking at the ring, he could see something he never noticed before. Faintly inscribed inside the plain ring of gold, were the words: Louis and Pricilla. Were these the names of his parents? If they were, would he ever have a chance to find them? Strangely, there were no last name, as if it was insignificant.

Why had he been left on the streets as a baby?

He looked into the cloudless sky, and took a deep breath.

“I must take a bath before I enter any inhabited village—I smell like a sewer and look like a beggar, which I am not. But where should I go?”

Where should he go? He had no living relation he knew of, no friend who would care, and no enemy who would recognize him. No one in the whole world.



I thought you were true;

That you meant what you said.

I truly believed you……

You said you would be back.

You gave me a locket: “To remember me by”:

I gave you my heart, and everything inside.

We stood together under the maple tree:

Above us hung the question: To be or not to be?

We said our goodbyes –

You with a smile; tears were in my eyes.

You left me with a parting clasp,

And whispered gently, “I will be back.”

How did this start? A glace from your eyes

That filled me with a joyful surprise;

Each time our eyes met – it was like fire –

I lived from one visit to another.

But I was too innocent- too naïve

To notice the subtle change

In your actions, words, and eyes-

Every tender word of affection was a lie.

I never thought that you would trick me-

Thought we would ask our parents and marry-

Never thought another had taken my place-

Never thought, never imagined- never knew…..

I waited for you as the years passed by:

My tears with the seasons multiplied.

I longed for you- all the while living on a lie

I never imagined you had another girl by your side.

You sent me letters, professing love

Thinking that your words were enough

To heal the pain of our parting-

When you were gone, I felt I lost everything.

Before you went away,

You took me somewhere every pleasant day.

To the park, the flower gardens – wherever-

You told you’ll love me for ever.

The day before you departed,

You said you will never forget –

Never forget me, ever –

Little did I know our ties of love were completely severed.

Slowly the truth dawned on me,

-As your letters grew shorter and colder quickly-

That while I pined away for you,

I had been out of your mind for good.

The day that long awaited letter arrived,

I was up before the morning, with hope energized,

Hoping against hope that you would change your mind-

I returned from the mailbox with a very painful sigh.

Inside a forlorn strip of paper,

Were words which changed my love for you forever-

“You need not write to me again. Ever.

I have been wedded to another.”


Was she younger, more beautiful, more someone-from-above

Than ever I would be?

Was her parents more wealthy, the table spread more lavishly,

Than any dinners I had prepared with love?

Anguish tore my mind for weeks,

Like a lily being tormented by weeds,

While you, who had deceived me,

Was enjoying your life wildly.

So, Tom, where ever you are,

Whenever you look upon a star,

Remember, in your life, you had extinguished a light

That once for you burned very bright

Jesus, King of Glory

Jesus, King of Glory

High above the skies,

Sits the King of Glory.

High above the skies,

Sits the Lord of Beauty.


Maker of the Universe,

Jesus is my savior.




Lord, how can I repay?

I will give you my life today.

Lord Jesus, I love You.

How can I ever thank You?

Dear Mama Ewe

Dear Mama Ewe

Dear mama ewe, dear mama ewe,

I know you miss your boy;

You played with him, you slept with him—

I knew he was your joy.

Dear mama ewe, you loved him so,

And taught him, step by step.

He grew up quickly by your side-

Grew tall, grand, well-kept.

But then came a day, poor mama ewe,

We took your lamb away.

He was old enough— six months young—

Besides, it was slaughter day.

Dear mama ewe, poor mama ewe,

Your lamb is in our freezer.

And choice chunks of him–perhaps his loins—

Will be left for us to cure.

Dear mama ewe, dear mama ewe,

Thanks for all your hard work.

Thank you for all the loving care.

(He did not turned out to be a tough jerk.)

And now I smell a rich aroma,

Thanks to you, dear mama ewe:

Because that’s stew you hear bubbling—

Delicious, home raised lamb stew.