Dear February…

Dear February 2018,

You have been an amazing gift from God to me, from Day One to the Twenty-eighth. Sure, there had been great days and not-so-great days: but it has been my privilege to have experienced you and have you in my 2018.

For one, you are my birthday month. I turned the sweet age of sixteen years: I’m very thankful to God for that. Following my ‘coming of age’, I have taken and passed the Ontario G1 Driving Test—Who-hoo!!—and got to try my hand at Babysitting.

Countless experiences have dotted your landscape—so different from what I expected at the end of January, but so much better.

New friends have come my way, blessing my week, my life. I have grown closer to my parents, my older sister, and my Savior. There are certain relationships that are worth more than all the world to me; and to have seen them grow and flourish in this month has made me a much more thankful person.

During your existence I have made a few difficult and at times, painful, decisions. But they were necessary; I needed them to grow and mature as a young Christian lady. I have lost multiple contests, but gained experience. I have wasted precious time in February, misused hours, and squandered precious moments which could never be bought back.

But only through my failures and my shortcomings could I fully grasp what it is to succeed,  to do well, and excel.

Academically, this has been a fantastic month. I have progressed both in my High-school and College education: significantly less results than my initial balloons of achieved credits, but they have been solid—however slow—and I did learn. Which is what education is about, isn’t it?

The weather had been a trickster during your month, February. Got anything to say about that? The snow’s all gone these days, brown grass where icicles, skating rinks, and snow-white pastures were supposed to be.

(I did get to snag a morning of skiing with the family before the tiny crystalline wonders surrendered to the sun and warmth, though.)

During your stay I have discovered my God-given design, written down my personal vision and mission statements, and discovered what gifts and talents God has so graciously imparted to me. Now, in the coming months and years, I must develop and hone those multiple intelligences and motivated abilities, and work on my spiritual gifts.

As a wrap-up—it does feel a little strange writing a letter to a something which would never read it, and which would cease to exist once this post is published—here’s twenty-eight things I am thankful about in February—random, spiritual, funny, and serious.


I finished the 30-day HIIT exercise challenge.  From Darebee. I started the program in Dec, 2017/Jan, 2018.


I wrote a 3790 word short story in 1.5 hours. Edited and polished—3 hours.


Took a college course (Lumerit)—total score (after the final)=99.56%


Took and passed the Written Driver’s test...I now have a G1 driver’s license. A small step, but it is a step.  Ever onward!!


There is a God. He is Justice, Righteous, and Holiness. He is Love, Mercy, and Truth.


Experiencing spring in the middle of winter:  the weather is still experiencing a migraine and can’t decide which time of the year it is. It needs to find a doctor to fix up the insanity, or go to an asylum or something. About time winter goes on as usual, eh? Just my thoughts.

For the sunshine. 🙂


My boisterous little brothers, tearing around the house one minute, crying the other, and singing at the top of their lungs the third. Crazy, strong, cute, huggable—my brothers.


The blessing of an older sister. Yup—I only have one, and I had to learn to live with her all through my childhood. Not an easy thing to do, especially with our clashing personalities. But somewhere along the way, we’ve grown into a pair of study-buddies, chit-chatters(me, mostly) and overall friends—sisters by blood, sisters by heart, sisters in Christ.


For nice, rich, healthy, delicious food. Daily. All month long. Isn’t God the greatest?


For music. Now, I’d rather write for 10 hours than practice the piano for 1 hour. (but that’s just me). And though I do love music—it’s one of the best gifts God has given to us in this world—I’m wondering if much of that love of harmonized sound-waves were forced out of me in my situation. Just think of it. Violins, pianos and singing day in, day out. It’s hard not to go 100% out-of-your-mind crazy if you dislike music. It’s starting to get more tolerable; that is, when I have some sort of sound-proof den to escape to.


Computers. I could not have done 50%–definitely more, but it’s a fair percentage—of all I have done without the electronic brain. That’s actually the literal translation from the Chinese characters from the phrase that means “Computers”.  Electronic brain. No wonder.


I’m thankful for words.


I’m thankful for sunshine


I’m thankful for rain.


The snow that melted.


The ice that thawed.


For the two (hopefully pregnant) ewes in our barn.


And the chickens in the chicken coop.


For the opportunity to learn and grow in the Word of God. Day by day, step by step.


For all the colours of the rainbow—and those not contained therein.


For the number 16. If it wasn’t for sixteen, I would not be the age I am now:)


For the commandment to Love One Another. It was given so that our joy may be full. I want joy. And I’m sure, so do you. So go forth and love one another!


The fact that our faith and the Bible starts with the words ‘In the beginning, God.” Instead of “In the beginning, Nothing.” Or, “In the beginning, Bang.” There is meaning in life.


I’m thankful for my next breath. And for the countless ones God has given to me in February.


I am thankful for my existence, knowing that I do not deserve to be here or exist at all.


I’m thankful for the friends I’ve made that past month.


I’m thankful for the 28 days I’ve been allowed to thrive and grow in.


I am thankful for the month of February, 2018.

Goodbye, Feb. I’m sad to see you go

You’ve been a great month, a nice friend;

And though we’d part ways tomorrow,

Your influence in my life would never end.


So long, farewell
Yours in Christ,

Odelia J Chan

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