I thought you were true;

That you meant what you said.

I truly believed you……

You said you would be back.


You gave me a locket: “To remember me by”:

I gave you my heart, and everything inside.

We stood together under the maple tree:

Above us hung the question: To be or not to be?


We said our goodbyes –

You with a smile; tears were in my eyes.

You left me with a parting clasp,

And whispered gently, “I will be back.”


How did this start? A glace from your eyes

That filled me with a joyful surprise;

Each time our eyes met – it was like fire –

I lived from one visit to another.


But I was too innocent- too naïve

To notice the subtle change

In your actions, words, and eyes-

Every tender word of affection was a lie.


I never thought that you would trick me-

Thought we would ask our parents and marry-

Never thought another had taken my place-

Never thought, never imagined- never knew…..


I waited for you as the years passed by:

My tears with the seasons multiplied.

I longed for you- all the while living on a lie

I never imagined you had another girl by your side.


You sent me letters, professing love

Thinking that your words were enough

To heal the pain of our parting-

When you were gone, I felt I lost everything.


Before you went away,

You took me somewhere every pleasant day.

To the park, the flower gardens – wherever-

You told you’ll love me for ever.


The day before you departed,

You said you will never forget –

Never forget me, ever –

Little did I know our ties of love were completely severed.


Slowly the truth dawned on me,

-As your letters grew shorter and colder quickly-

That while I pined away for you,

I had been out of your mind for good.


The day that long awaited letter arrived,

I was up before the morning, with hope energized,

Hoping against hope that you would change your mind-

I returned from the mailbox with a very painful sigh.


Inside a forlorn strip of paper,

Were words which changed my love for you forever-

“You need not write to me again. Ever.

I have been wedded to another.”


Was she younger, more beautiful, more someone-from-above

Than ever I would be?

Was her parents more wealthy, the table spread more lavishly,

Than any dinners I had prepared with love?


Anguish tore my mind for weeks,

Like a lily being tormented by weeds,

While you, who had deceived me,

Was enjoying your life wildly.


So, Tom, where ever you are,

Whenever you look upon a star,

Remember, in your life, you had extinguished a light

That once for you burned very bright