Thankfulness is a character trait. It means that being thankful—even during trying times—has become an ingrained habit. Even though you’ve got a sink full of dirty dishes waiting to be washed, you could sing over the sound of the noisy faucet.

Even though your immaculate, private bedroom—that you have just tided up to perfection—had been turned into an unsightly mess if half-used crayons, splotches of paint, and messes upon messes(upon messes) of wet paper, just because you humored your brother for a while, thankfulness would cause you to smile.

You’ll smile at his satisfied face, and, for the moment, forget the extra wok in front of you.

You’ll smile because you are grateful to have a sibling… some have none at all.

Thankfulness is a choice. Facing a tough situation, you could choose to be happy and embrace it, as a gift-in-disguise from God, or you could whine and pine about it all day long.

You do have a choice.

However hard and impossible the situation might seem. There are silver lining to dark clouds, if we use our hearts to look for them.

Thankfulness is also a feeling. A feeling of gratitude. Gratitude to the maker who fashioned you out of His great love and mercy. Gratitude to the mother and father who brought you into this life and raised trained, and protected you all through babyhood and childhood, to adulthood.

Gratitude. Gratefulness. Thankfulness.

Will you choose to be thankful today?

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