Spring News

We have three more lambs over the last two weeks!!!

One single ram and two ewe twins.


Hope all of you could come over and get to know them!!! ( a few  privileged friends did get to take a peek… good for them…)

They’re just tooooo cute to pass by!!


Hey—Hello there!!!
Having some Mama time…
The Proud mom and twins… (the whitish lamb lying down back there is the boy… youngest of the lot.)

(thanks to sister Sonia for the wonderful pictures:)

The beloved Dandelion

And now, Spring is in full bloom…. here are shots I’ve caught of the new life around us…..

Baby robins
And more Baby robins….
Pea plant…







Oh yes, we’ve been having tons of fun these spring days… to prove that, here are a few action shots…:)

Crazy Bro 🙂
There is he again..
Fun, fun, fun!!


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