Canada– My Homeland


Home is where the heart is.

Canada is my home—from my birth until now, until I die. I am a Canadian, and I am proud to be able to say that.

There are certain spots in this country that would forever be close to my heart—more places than I could ever name. This short essay is about one of them.

My favorite place (or should I say, places) in Canada is its forests. Beautiful trails, towering trees, and the smell of freshness and goodness. Nothing can compete with the exhilaration I feel after a walk, trot, or run in one of the many welcoming trails in Canada… my Canada.

Tiny, beautiful flowers peep out at me from under the deadness of winter in the spring. Birds cheep and chirp to each other above our heads. Sparkling creeks gurgle beside us, and everywhere there is that unmistakable presence of peace, joy, and love that could only come from God. This is my favorite place in my favorite province, Ontario, in my favorite country, Canada. My home. My land. My true North strong and free.

Canada. The Land of the Free. The land abounding with magnificent trees that spread their shade over countless trails.

I also love the fact that a host of different people can enjoy the trails to the fullest—horse-back riders, marathon runners—even snow-mobiles drivers!—can access and enjoy the breathtaking scenery and the refreshing scent of trees and flowers in full bloom.  The paths are well-kept, thanks to the friendly cooperation civilians share.

One of the things I love most is being able to spend a relaxing day in the cool forest on hot, summer days with my family: hosting a picnic, cycling, and just getting together to take in the wonders of nature. To be able to throw off the stress, care, and worries of the week and soak up the peacefulness of the quiet forest—this is the beauty of nature.

This is the beauty is Canada. This is the beauty of one of my favorite spots in my homeland.

This is Canada.

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  1. This is Canada, yes, but under a non-Christian (and liberal) government: it is no longer a proud, free Country. ):

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