Dear Mama Ewe

Dear Mama Ewe

Dear mama ewe, dear mama ewe,

I know you miss your boy;

You played with him, you slept with him—

I knew he was your joy.

Dear mama ewe, you loved him so,

And taught him, step by step.

He grew up quickly by your side-

Grew tall, grand, well-kept.

But then came a day, poor mama ewe,

We took your lamb away.

He was old enough— six months young—

Besides, it was slaughter day.

Dear mama ewe, poor mama ewe,

Your lamb is in our freezer.

And choice chunks of him–perhaps his loins—

Will be left for us to cure.

Dear mama ewe, dear mama ewe,

Thanks for all your hard work.

Thank you for all the loving care.

(He did not turned out to be a tough jerk.)

And now I smell a rich aroma,

Thanks to you, dear mama ewe:

Because that’s stew you hear bubbling—

Delicious, home raised lamb stew.