Humble Beginnings

I’m feeling this aura of déjà vu around me as I write this…And I’m telling myself to calm down, humble myself, and get straight to the point without writing what I’m writing right now. I’m taking a slight departure from the train of thoughts that have dominated this blog for the past while, and I’m also going to ask for help

You see, it’s time for me to disclose a few things that some of you may not be aware of.

Remember the book Obstacles I’d mentioned a while back? The Christian Parkour novel that has been shortlisted nearly half a year ago, but has since been nothing but bytes in my hard drive?

The past two days, I’ve taken a plunge and queried a couple of Christian publishers about Obstacles. Yep: I wrote the query letters. The cover letters. The synopsis, in multiple lengths. The “Future plans as an Author” . “Marketing Plans and Ideas”. All that and more.

It nearly drove me crazy trying to figure out what it all meant, how to actually write all those things,  polishing them, and finally submitting them to the publishers. I’m not perfect, but I do what I can.

Now it’s the time where I sit, wait, and bite my nails.

But you know what? I’m trusting in a God Who knows what He’s doing with the story He’s given me to write. He’s greater than everything that could happen, that would happen, good or ill. He knows everything that has happened, and everything that ever will.

So, in the midst of my tangled thoughts and worries, I’ll like to ask you, my precious readers, to pray for this project.

Pray that His will be done with the book I’ve written. Pray that the right things would happen at the right times. Pray that He would be glorified in whatever happens. Pray that His will be done. Even if it means that my feelings and ego gets hurt in the process. Pray that I’ll have the wisdom to choose the write publisher(ha) when the time comes for me to decide.

And here comes the second and slightly embarrassing part of this blog post…

I need help.

There’s still a bit of work to do in terms of becoming an author, even without having published a single book yet.

It’s creating an online platform and developing a list of followers, using social media, websites, and things like this blog, before the first book even gets published. That way, I’d be able to reach more potential readers when the book releases.

I’m not that experienced in this area and would love to hear tips and any advice y’all could give me in setting up and running, say, a professional FaceBook page, a Twitter account, and whatnot.

What say ye? 😛

Anyways, thanks for reading, thanks for your prayers, and thank you so much for bearing with me. 🙂

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  1. Exciting!!! I just prayed. Odelia, I so so so hope you get a positive publishing response!
    Idk how to advise you, but keep me updated!

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