Little Bird

You fly, unfettered above the world

Above the care and worry of men:

You skip, you hop, you dance and twirl,

And do it again and again.

What makes you so happy and free?

Will death and sorrow ever strike a note–

A minor note of pity?

Do your eyes grow did, as in the sky you float,

When you see men’s hate and agony?

Do you see the dead and dying?

Do you live in a place that is never sad,

 Never a hint of enmity?

 Do you or your brothers ever get mad?

And do you forgive him immediately?

Is hate ever seen there?

 Take me away form this world, little bird, or stay,

And teach me your happy little secret:

 So that the world might be a better place,

Simply because I have existed.

 I will leave the world better than I found it.


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