Short Stories

Here I will add short stories periodically.  I hope you enjoy them!

I would love feedback on  my stories, any advice/suggestions on plot development, character structure, etc. Please leave your comments below the story!

Thanks a lot for stopping by again!

Links to ‘From Darkness to Light’

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Wes, the Terrible Terrier

This is actually a true story– from my long-gone days of Childhood. 🙂

I had a “dog phobia” then… not anymore.

Bird against Cat

I watched this happen in our backyard– while Chevy was still with us.   This was written in remembrance of his amazing– almost crazy–feline antics when he was still with us.

Friendship’s Triumph

A fictional story of how friendship triumphs over death.

Petal in the Moonlight

A short story based on the prompt “The urge to dance was overwhelming.” Enjoy!!

Door Marked 8

My memoir of year 2017, written with a touch of surrealism.


Inspired by a writing prompt.

I’ve Been To The Future

Inspired by a short film.