Another Month

Another month is closing, winding down:

I’m still standing, feet on the ground.

I’ve been to many places, I’ve seen many things:

I’ve been like a sub bombarded by pings.


Are there loose ends? Debts unpaid?

I think—the memories begin to fade.

What did I do—did the acts matter?

What were my thoughts? …They all scatter.


I learned, grew, lived, and improved:

Wrote, trained, studied, moved.

Thirty days—that was all, really:

Thirty days—of what? Of vanity?


What was eternal in all that I’ve done–

What I saw, made, said, or won?

Was anything of value, large or small?

Did the month I’d lived mean anything, if at all?


I feel the disappointment—and swallow it whole:

I refuse to let despair cloud my soul.

I fall, I fail—yes, I am only human:

But I know the Lord, the great I AM.


Does it matter then, that I have fallen,

If I get up, stronger, to try again?

Could I call the past four weeks a failure?

If I’d weathered storms, and still stand sure?


This month is ending, coming to a close.

The clock keeps ticking: that’s just how time goes.

The past prepares me for the days ahead:

And I’ll keep walking the paths into which I’m led.


~ Odelia C.  April 25, 2020