From Darkness to Light (part 7)

“My darling, my darling,” he wrapped his arms lovingly around his daughter’s neck.

“Boy is the only young man whom I would ever allow to hand my dear daughter to. He is the noblest man I’ve ever met. So self-controlled too. I’ve known this was coming.” He released her with a smile, pinching her pink cheeks gently. “Who could not your charming smile?

“But I will miss my little girl—“

“Oh no, father,” Elizabeth cried,  “We will not leave you alone!! We will live…”

“Ah, so you already had a secret lover’s meeting?” he teased.

“No… Nothing, father, truly. Oh, has the sun set? He told me to…”

She left her sentence unfinished, and rushed through the door toward the orchard. Her heart beating rapidly, she walked slowly through the orchard.

Suddenly Boy was in front of her, with both of her hands in his. Looking into her eyes with his heart in his, Boy whispered softly, “I would like to be something more than a friend to you—something much more.” Her eyes dropped to the ground, her cheeks on fire. “I love you, Elizabeth, from the bottom of my heart. You are all the world to me.” He lifted her face to him for a moment, then got down on one knee.

“Elizabeth, I want share the rest of my life with you. Will you be my wife?”

She looked down searchingly into his earnest, blue eyes.  She felt the plain ring being slipped onto her finger—an engagement ring.

She could not refuse him.

Yes. She loved him.

“Yes– I do.” Tears chased themselves down her cheeks. “I will be your wife.”

He rose, and encircled her with his arms. She reached up, and wrapped d two soft arms around his neck. They leaned toward each other. His lips met hers for the first time. He pulled her closer to him, and kissed her again. “My darling, my treasure.” He whispered into her ear, stroking her shoulder with his right hand. “My man.” She whispered back, running her fingers down his cheek.

They stood there for a while longer, arms around each other, and their minds both wandering back to the day they met each other for the first time. A lot has changed.

“You asked me if I needed help in my journey,” boy murmured, without needing to explain when he was referring to.” Now, my journey has ended. Now I have come home. To you.”

The moon rose over the trees, like some mischievous onlooker to an intimate scene. They entered the quiet house, arm in arm.

Peace, joy, and love filled Boy’s once empty, bitter, hungry heart to overflowing. His struggle at life was over. Once and for all.

Love was his victory.

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