Random Thoughts: April 2020 Edition

Do “random thoughts” even exist? Is anything random? Are our thoughts predetermined by God, foreknown by God, conditioned by our circumstances, or…?

I’m not sure. And really…that’s beside the point right now.

These past few days, I’ve come to realize something that took me somewhat of a struggle to accept, and then to embrace.

The fact is, not everyone would agree with what you believe. You could be wrong about things you firmly believe in. You could be right, but no one is convinced. You find yourself in situations where you’re not sure how to react anymore.

As a debater and seeker of the Truth, I find myself in discussions, arguments, and debates about many things that I’ve taken for granted, taken as “truth.” And when I meet people whose beliefs do not exactly match mine and yet have much evidence for what they believe in, I get uncomfortable. And when I get uncomfortable, I go find answers.

Sometimes, you find out that you’re the one who has been wrong all this time. Or you find out that not everyone would immediately see your points and jump to your side. Or you’re still confused, and start to doubt.

In other words…your pride is wounded. You feel left out, unsure, distrustful, and alone.

This is where the rubber hits the road. This is where you surrender to God and give Him all your failures, your imperfect intellect, your pride, your shortcomings, your fears. This is when you realize that you are not in control, that you are not perfect, that you are not who you think or what to think you are…but He is. He is greater than anything you face. He is greater than your pride, your hurt, yourself.

This is also where you let the love of God work through you to touch those in your life who may have, inadvertently, hurt you or caused you to stumble. This is where you can and will, through God’s grace and power, look past the shortcomings of others and see them for the person they are–another human being for whom God has sacrificed His only Son for. This is where you lay down the swords of contention, so that we could grow together, side by side, in the love of God.

So brothers and sisters in Christ, I leave you with this. God is greater than ourselves. He is able. And through Him, you can love and care for those you would not be able to love and care for by your own strength. And–never lean on your own understanding. It’s not trustworthy, and we’re all fallen human beings. Stay hungry for God’s love, goodness, and power, stay humble as you live a life of sacrifice for Him, and stay healthy as we fight this world’s battle hand in hand!

God bless you all!