Doubting Thomas

Inspired by last week’s sermon.

May our faith be strengthened each and every day.

Doubting Thomas

“Doubting Thomas” we call him these days—

The man who refused to believe in the risen Lord

Until he has touched the scars, the place

Where Jesus’ side was pierced with the sword.

Are we not like him, as faithless, as unbelieving:

Do we not, at times, doubt God’s grace, power, and love?

We must repent, if we as the redeemed, are to keep on living:

And thank Him for the Gospel, and hope for the Promise above.

Lord, I come–no longer doubting, no longer in unbelief.

I accept Your love and forgiveness; I repent in tears;

Vowing now and always, for You only, to live—

Each day in thanksgiving, as the final day of the Lord nears.


May 2019